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You likely believe in growing towards your potential. Bring impactful reading into your life with Growth Notes - a service designed to extract and explore key gems of wisdom for your life's benefit. 

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The Problems We Share

A lot of personal development books are dense, hard to apply, and easy to forget. Yet many of them offer perspectives that can allow you to make powerful shifts. Although, in your busy schedule, you may not always have the time to read.

Imagine the value of learning the key, practical takeaways from a growing selection of meaningful books. And envision a system designed to help you remember and apply everything you learn along the way.

“Knowledge is only potential power. It becomes power only when, and if, it is organized into definite plans of action, and directed to a definite end" - N. Hill.

What You Will Have Access to

For every book featured, you'll have access to a three-page Growth Note, which turns hours of conventional reading into ten minutes of delight. Each one dives into an insightful exploration of the most important habits worth implementing based on a book's content. And with the 'Personal Insights' feature, you'll be able to write creative ideas based on what you've read - turning reading into active, engaged learning. 

To nurture your life's journey you can first avoid unhealthy behaviors. Second, you can pick up new healthy habits. Third, you can take steps that will pay off in the future. Every single Growth Note has been designed with these principles of change in mind.

Spatial Repetition - Revolutionary Learning

Cognitive science has demonstrated that we forget more than 60% of what we've read in less than a week¹. The spatial repetition feature, 'Growth Cycle', prevents you from forgetting the practical takeaways from any Growth Note².

You'll be reminded to review a Growth Note and your answers to the questions in the Personal Insights box four weeks from your original date of reading, and eight weeks after. By spacing the review sessions, you’ll be retaining what you've read while increasing the likelihood that you'll apply the practical wisdom.

What Makes Growth Notes Unique?

Growth Notes isn’t about cramming your head with ideas. 

Everything the service offers is designed to help you make intelligent behavioral adjustments. Every Growth Note not only provides you with steps you can start applying but also suggestions on which behaviors are worth avoiding. 

For every book featured, you'll also find the most impactful highlights and a rating out of ten to help you decide whether a book is worth buying and studying more deeply. In that sense, Growth Notes doubles as a shortcut to wisdom and a book review service, all within a library that's growing with more books each month.

Join and experience what awaits on the other side. 

And if the service doesn't live up to your standards, cancel anytime. 

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