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The Problems We Share

Do you ever read something, then forget all the wisdom months later? Or perhaps even a few weeks, or a few days later?

We have so many inspiring articles, newsletters, and books available. But how much of it is actually helping us move forward? Reading is easy - taking action is something else.

You probably know what it's like to have read a non-fiction book that's fascinating and enjoyable. But unless you apply its wisdom, it can end up making zero, practical difference to your life.

Out of a need for actionable book summaries that strike a chord and make a genuine difference - Growth Notes was born. Within, I identify actionable ideas from non-fiction books, in a practical, funny, personable style - so that you can absorb and apply them for your life's benefit. 

What Makes Growth Notes Unique?

Differently, Growth Notes is about discovering small, empowering nuggets that can make a radical difference to your life. Each Growth Note (7 Page guide) starts with a first section, called 'Trim the Weeds'. Here, you'll uncover three key unhelpful habits worth avoiding based on a book's wisdom. 

"The true [way] lies not in a process of accumulation…but rather in elimination" - John Little, The Warrior Within.

Afterwards, you'll find a second section named 'Plant the Seeds' - where you'll explore three powerful habits worth moving towards. The idea is simple: By progressively trimming weeds and planting the right seeds in your life, you will grow to: Be more alligned with the most powerful version of you. 

For every book featured, you'll also find the most impactful highlights. And a rating out of ten to help you decide whether it's worth buying (should you wish to study it more deeply). Currently, there are 30 books on the platform and this will grow to hundreds in time. 

What You Will Have Access to

  • For every book - a seven page Growth Note alongside a video review.  

  • 'Personal Insights' - to articulate your ideas based on what you've read.

  • 'Growth Cycle' (Spatial Repetition) - to help you remember what you learn.

Growth Cycle - Learning Technique

We forget more than 60% of what we've read just once in less than a week¹. Yikes... you'll be reminded to review a Growth Note and your notes a month from your original date of reading, and two months after - so that what you learn stays with you.²

“Knowledge without reflection is a waste of time" - Confucius.

Warren Buffett once said the best investment you can make is in your own education. Because money comes and goes. Relationships come and go. 

But what you learn and apply stays with you forever.

The trouble is, most personal development books, make it difficult to determine what it is you should apply. In going so deep into the theory, what truly matters, gets lost. Learning then becomes unrelatable, impractical, and just not fun. And so, we don't end up absorbing and applying ideas successfully. 

This service is about helping you meditate that problem, by giving you access to a library of practical, powerful book summaries, alongside an accountability sytem. 

Last Words

I'm Samy Felice, and after years of work, I'm so glad to see this service come to life. Growth Notes has been nurtured with the desire to bring the essence of nature into learning online - and I fully believe in its value. For a healthier planet, 5% of all profits are donated to the WorldLandTrust - who help plant trees to restore forests to their full potential - for a better tomorrow. 

Join and experience what awaits on the other side. If the service doesn't live up to your standards, cancel anytime. 

References   The Curve of Forgetting:¹ How much do people forget: ² The Earth Day Network: https://www.earthday.org³